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What’s up with a no-reply email address?

no reply emailIf you deal with clients everyday, here is something to think about.

Have you noticed how many e-mails you get from companies, where the e-mail address is I’ve heard that it has to do with logistics, but it may be more damaging that you would think.

If I am a customer who has received a newsletter from a company and I want to get in touch asap to buy a product, how annoying is it if I discover, that I have to go looking for the right e-mail address?

Or if I have a question for my purchase, and I can’t reply to the e-mail by hitting reply – how happy and special does that make me feel?

If you are a small company, stay away from the no-reply e-mail addresses if at all possible – it makes you seem disinterested in your existing and potential clients.


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