Using Google Hangouts has changed my business

The story of how I discovered the power of using Google Hangouts…

When I first started by business, I found it really hard to get any real results with my e-mail list.

Sure, I got a subscriber here and there, but never the numbers I was hoping for.

Also, emails alone are challenging.

You can write a lot of good copy, but it takes a long time to really build rapport and let your audience get to know you and your style.

Moving on to video

So I dabbled in doing videos, which is great too.

The advantage of video is that you definitely get to show more of your personality. I did, however, find it time consuming and probably something that would turn out better if you get professional help doing it.

And I still didn’t see the results I was looking for

Webinars started the whole thing

I realized that webinars, which a lot of well-known marketers use, would perhaps be a better fit.

I started to look into different types of software and pros and cons.

Traditional webinars seem to work more or less without a hitch, but the format to me seemed a bit old-fashioned. I wanted something with more interaction, and I wanted something that is 100% live.

I am not a big fan of the automated webinars that lead you to believe that they are live, but are in fact just recorded. But that’s just me…

And in this search, I realized that there was a new option. Google Hangouts.

How using Google Hangouts has changed by business

I will share with you some other time, which tools I use (or you can simply grab my free list of resources here), but the reality is that using Google Hangouts together with a 3rd party app called Business-Hangouts, has had a huge impact on my business.

For a show I do in Danish, I have been able to go from zero readers to almost 1000 signups in just about 6 months just from doing regular hangouts. I’ve been interviewed about it and has established my name with that show.

And the best part is, that I haven’t done any paid advertising, I don’t spend all week preparing it, and I generally have so much fun doing it.

Some of the many advantages of using Google Hangouts (I recommend using it with a 3rd party app) are:

  • It’s affordable
  • You don’t need a lot of tools
  • You can do hangouts from anywhere with a decent internet connection
  • You don’t need a fancy studio
  • You can run them by yourself
  • You can teach and demonstrate your expertise to a big audience all over the world
  • You get to show your personality

You might be interested in finding out how you could do the exact same thing. Now, my show in Danish is about online marketing, but believe me when I tell you that you can do a show about almost anything.

Join me in the new hangout show Come Hangout with Lise and let me give you ideas for how you can start using Google Hangouts.

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