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Don’t let your vacation stress you out

You probably know the feeling. Your vacation is within reach, but the days leading up to it seem too overwhelming and completely out of control. You have loads of e-mails that you need to respond to, a number of projects that need to be finalized, and other tasks that need to be delegated to ... Læs mere

Keep track of all your projects – free status report download

The biggest challenge for a lot of teams is how to keep track of multiple projects. By now, I have done quite a lot of work for a company, which makes high tech products in set product cycles. There used to be some overlap of team participants in each product launch, but once in a while, several ... Læs mere

No, no, no and nooooooo!

When a colleague or your boss ask you to take on more work, do you often find yourself saying yes, when you actually mean no? (mere…) ... Læs mere

Are you drowning in meetings?

When you are responsible for a project, you know that you will end up in lots of looong meetings.  And long, boring meetings can make even the toughest person break down and cry...Just the thought of a recurring weekly status meeting can make you raise your hackles and that's a sure sign that ... Læs mere

How to scare your clients away with complicated writing

If you aim for clear-cut communication with your clients, you need to keep your message clear Have you ever tried receiving one of those incomprehensible e-mails that don't make any sense no matter how many times you read it? It's really frustrating, since you end up using an excessive amount of ... Læs mere

What’s up with a no-reply email address?

If you deal with clients everyday, here is something to think about. Have you noticed how many e-mails you get from companies, where the e-mail address is I've heard that it has to do with logistics, but it may be more damaging that you would think. If I am a customer who has ... Læs mere

What’s the most important thing in project management?

Have you ever tried being the one in charge of managing a project and wondered how you would ever succeed? In simple terms, project management can be divided into 4 parts: Preparation Facilitation Implementation Evaluation If you were to allocate time spent on the 4 parts, the general ... Læs mere

How social is your company?

Are you on social media everyday? (mere…) ... Læs mere

How do you manage without being a manager?

The toughest thing about being a project manager is the question of how to motivate a bunch of different people and how to get them to cooperate. (mere…) ... Læs mere

We’re so busy that we don’t have time for planning

A client actually told me this once... While I was still working in the advertising business, I often wondered why all our jobs apparently had urgent deadlines. When we got an assignment from a client, they were all accompanied by the comment: "This was actually supposed to have been finished last ... Læs mere

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