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Ready to get rid of Last Minute Deadline Stress?

If you work in a business that sells service of some kind to your customer, you know how hard it can be to juggle lots of deadlines for different clients. You tend to get stressed out and often you end up making mistakes. And the worst part? Sometimes your clients don't even feel that happy ... Læs mere

Keep track of all your projects – free status report download

The biggest challenge for a lot of teams is how to keep track of multiple projects. By now, I have done quite a lot of work for a company, which makes high tech products in set product cycles. There used to be some overlap of team participants in each product launch, but once in a while, several ... Læs mere

Create your own cartoon

Maybe you could lighten up your presentation with a homemade cartoon? This may not be the most necessary feature available, but with it you will have the opportunity to put a funnier spin to a presentation. Or maybe you just want to spice up your website a bit. In any case, all it takes is a bit of ... Læs mere

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